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sábado, 2 de junio de 2012


I play football with Cce Sant Lluis. this year has not gone as expected earlier in the season, the first round of the league played very badly, but the second round we did very well because we went from being second last to be a seventh season finale. In the cup we played very badly, not only did not win or a game but do not add any points. We hope next season is much better!



domingo, 27 de mayo de 2012

MENORCA, an incredible feeling

 We are waiting for the hot of summer arrive on our island to lay on our white sand beaches, swimming in our turquoise and transparent seawater,

  Enjoying our spectacular village festivals with horses and music. When I think about our special village festival, gives me goosebumps, is a great sensation


Why? Because we have a wonderful island and we don't know it enough. We are very lucky to have this natural beauty and we don't enjoy it until our holidays. 


Marisa Vergara 3rC

lunes, 23 de abril de 2012

SomGospel sings for Aspanob.

I sing in a group called SomGospel, we are 40 people. The type of music that we do is what the africans slaves sang.
Last Friday we started a gospel workshop with Moisès Sala, the director of the catalan group The Gospel Viu Choir. We met with Moisès lot of years ago, when we did some workshops with him in Sant Lluis.

The workshop was on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, with another 50 people who  signed up to sing with us.
The cause of this workshop and the concert was to help to the children with cancer of Baleares, ASPANOB, organized by Rotary Club Mahón.

SomGospel and the workshop sang in the Teatro Principal, in Mahón, and it was full of people dancing at the rhythm of our songs and clapping with  us. The Mayor of Mahon also attended the event, along with other authorities.

First of all, SomGospel we sang  16  songs that we were practising during lot of months for this day, and then we put some coloring hats because that’s a symbol, for who the people of Aspanob saw that we support them.

When we finished our songs, the 50 people of the workshop came to sing with us some songs that we learned with Moisès. We were around 90 people singing.

It was a beautiful, magic, excelent, emotive and solidary concert to remember.

SomGospel with the coloring hats for Aspanob.

SomGospel and the workshop.

Maria Segui Gutiérrez, 3rdC.

jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012

Michel Teló, Ai se eu te pego?

Recently, three students filed a complaint with the Justice of Brazil, ensuring that they are co-authors of theme ''Ai se eu te pego''  made ​​up three girls during a trip to America in 2006.

However, two years later, when they participated as dancers in a concert of singer Sharon Acioly, chanted the subject, the woman had apparently COPIED the theme and recorded it as their own with musician Antonio Dyggs, while Teló was recorded in the 2011.

So, now the judge of the Third Civil Division of Joao Pessoa, capital of the Brazilian state of Paraíba, seized the money proceeds of the rights of the author of "Ai se eu te pego" until the situation is clarified.

The singer's words were: ''I have nothing to do with that story, I'm just a musician. My assets are not blocked and I have all legal rights to interpret the music''.

Although for us Michel Teló always was singer of ''Ai se eu te pego.''

Marta Carrasco Pons 3rºB

lunes, 5 de marzo de 2012

Rihanna will record a duet with her ex-Chris Brown

There is much talk lately of singer Rihanna, is said to be thinking about recording an albumwith her ​​ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, the press do not understand how the artist is able toinvite him after what happened 3 years ago, was when Brown physically assaultedRihanna during a discuse which was later denounced.
The U.S. press is outraged with the fact that chris brown rihana invited to participate in thevideo for the song "Birthday Cake" included in their latest album 'Talk That Talk'.
Although it seems that little by little the public has forgiven Brown and new mind back to admire his music, the press has its reverse on this controversy artist and it seems that this new news is not well seen in the entertainment world.


miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

I am going to explain what i did last weekend. On Sunday, I got up and I went to go how my horse was.
There was a horse competition in Alaior.  At nine o’clock more and less I went to this city and We stayed until the half past one. I took part with other people. We were four people in my speciality. It was about menorquin  breaking-in.

It was very interesting and exciting. I am very happy with my horse whose name is Elegante. The truth is that we did a very good competition and we did not win but we were the seconds. 
Oscar Quevedo 3rC

miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2012


Goya Awards 2012
On Monday 4'1 million people were attentive to the most anticipated awards of Spanish cinema. Many of the most famous players were awaiting the winners.
Some of the nominations were: La piel que habito, No habra paz para los malvados, Eva, Verbo, ...